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Writing for publication has always served as one of the most respected and reliable methods of establishing and boosting an expert reputation. Unfortunately, lack of time and professional writing experience often prevents many from taking full advantage of the opportunities that strong published bylines can offer.

My Editorial Consulting services can help you leverage your knowledge and experience into published authorial success, guiding you through the waters of the publishing world:

  • Magazine article ghostwriting, editing, and formatting

  • Magazine article manuscript analysis: grammar, structure, clarity, marketability and effectiveness

  • Appropriateness analysis: ensuring that you express your message in the appropriate form for the correct audience

  • Publication submission consulting: writing and editing query letters, targeting venues, building strong relationships with busy editors

  • Portfolio consulting: leveraging published success into direct business results

Establishing yourself as an expert requires a keen understanding of how important messages are communicated in the world.

My editorial consulting services help you leave your expert footprint with grace and power, enjoying the opportunities that come with being a published writer.

Learn more about how my freelance ghostwriting and editing services can help build your business.

  Ghostwriting, Public Relations, Promotion, Press releases

"If you want to develop an elegant writing voice, you must develop an educated ear - not only for how words sound, but how the spaces between the words do as well.."

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