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"If you want to develop an elegant writing voice, you must develop an educated ear - not only for how words sound, but how the spaces between the words do as well.."

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You know your business. You know it very well. But being the best isn't enough - not if you can't elegantly communicate it to people who don't know your business at all.

That's where I can help. I'm not your everyday technical copywriter. Experienced and knowledgeable, I've worked with international CEOs and respected PhDs. From telecommunications to energy.. enterprise-level computer software to health care.. biometric security to the latest advancements in nanotechnology.. I write copy and build marketing messages for the best and the brightest.

Just like you.

I like complication. I'm good at it. And more than that, I love making sophisticated products and services accessible for the businesses that need your magic today.

  • White papers
  • Data sheets
  • Case studies
  • Product and services brochures
  • Email marketing
  • Website, microsite and SEO
    (Search Engine Optimization) copy
  • Newsletters (email or print)
  • Direct mail
  • Audio and video scripts
  • Presentations and educational materials
  • Press releases and article ghostwriting
  • Documentation, manuals and user guides

For technology and industrial manufacturing companies, outsourcing collateral copywriting can offer many distinct benefits:

  • Save money. Unlike typical marketing firms, I work on an on-demand, as-needed basis - but I maintain the digital infrastructure necessary to manage relationships over the long term. That means that while you only pay for the actual work I do, you still enjoy most of the relationship benefits commonly found with retainer-based marketing vendors. Even if months (or years) go by in between projects, we will simply pick up where we left off.

  • Save time. Stop handing your collateral production duties to already overworked staff members who have more important things to focus on. Whether you need original material produced or just a fast proofread and edit, I can get you the fast and quality turnaround your schedule demands.

  • Save headaches. I thoroughly research your business and take great care to ensure factual accuracy and audience impact. I deliver on time, on budget and without hassle. You already have enough on your mind - my goal is to lighten your load and make your job easier.

Learn more about how my technical and industrial copywriting services can help build your business.


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